Truth test: Did the Obama administration separate families?

Truth test: Did the Obama administration separate families?

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Lori Robertson,
Printed 12:50 p.m. ET June 23, 2018 | Up to this point 12:Fifty four p.m. ET June 23, 2018

In defending its “zero tolerance” border policy that has ended in the separation of families, the Trump administration has argued that the Obama and Bush administrations did this too. That’s deceptive. Consultants mutter there had been some separations under outdated administrations, nevertheless no blanket policy to prosecute fogeys and, therefore, separate them from their children.

“Bush and Obama didn’t hold policies that resulted within the mass separation of oldsters and children treasure we’re seeing under the most modern administration,” Sarah Pierce, a policy analyst with the Migration Coverage Institute, told us.

Division of Space of delivery Safety Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen mentioned at a June 18 press briefing: “The Obama administration, the Bush administration all separated families. … They did — their price changed into much less than ours, nevertheless they fully did enact this. This is now not any longer new.”

Nielsen went on to divulge that there’s indeed one thing new, as we wrote in one other article on this topic. Below a “zero tolerance policy” on unlawful immigration announced by Felony legitimate Classic Jeff Periods in early April, the administration is now referring all unlawful border crossings for criminal prosecution. By doing that, fogeys hold been separated from their children, because of children can’t be held in detention products and companies for adults.


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DHS told us that 2,342 children had been separated from their fogeys between Would possibly maybe well perchance furthermore 5 and June 9.

But DHS couldn’t present any statistics on what number of children would possibly maybe perchance need been separated from their fogeys under the Obama administration.

Instead, after we requested, it pointed to numbers that divulge 21 % of apprehended adults had been referred for prosecution under President Barack Obama. From fiscal 365 days 2010 to fiscal 2016, there had been 2,362,966 adults apprehended illegally crossing the Southern border, and 492,970 had been referred for prosecution, those figures divulge. But that doesn’t mutter us the rest about what number of children would possibly maybe perchance need been separated from their fogeys under Obama.

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And we don’t hold such statistics to ascertain the past to the most modern.

“Now we hold got no longer considered any info out of the most modern or prior administration on what number of cases that had been prosecuted had been folks who arrived with minors,” Theresa Cardinal Brown, director of immigration and sinister-border policy on the Bipartisan Coverage Heart, told us in an e-mail. “So we isn’t very any longer going to opt up any guesses or assumptions about what number of separations according to prosecution there had been or are.”

Brown mentioned that even supposing DHS says 2,342 children hold been separated from their fogeys in about one month, we don’t know what share of those cases are due to prosecutions for unlawful crossings, and what number of are due to other policies that would require separations — equivalent to suspicion of trafficking, one other prominent warrant or inadequate proof of a family relationship.

We requested DHS if it would provide this type of breakdown, nevertheless we haven’t purchased a response.

MPI’s Pierce mentioned that the likely reason info isn’t very any longer accessible on child separations under outdated administrations is due to it changed into achieved in “in actuality restricted circumstances” equivalent to suspicion of trafficking or other fraud.

“Earlier administrations ragged family detention products and companies, allowing the whole family to quit together while looking ahead to their deportation case in immigration courtroom, or choices to detention, which required families to be tracked nevertheless launched from custody to live up for their courtroom date,” Brown and her co-author, Tim O’Shea, wrote in an explainer piece for the Bipartisan Coverage Heart’s web web page. “Some children would possibly maybe perchance need been separated from the adults they entered with, in cases where the family relationship would possibly maybe perchance no longer be established, child trafficking changed into suspected, or there weren’t ample family detention products and companies accessible. … Nonetheless, the zero-tolerance policy is the essential time that a policy main to separation is being utilized across the board.”

Jeh Johnson, DHS secretary under the Obama administration, told NPR earlier this month that he couldn’t mutter that family separations “never came about” all the scheme thru his tenure. “There would possibly maybe perchance need been some exigent scenario, some emergency. There would possibly maybe perchance need been some doubt about whether or no longer the adult accompanying the baby changed into with out a doubt the parent of the baby. I’m able to’t mutter it never came about nevertheless no longer as a topic of policy or follow. It’s no longer one thing that I’d request our Border Patrol or our immigration enforcement personnel to enact,” Johnson mentioned. 

The Obama administration faced a surge of unaccompanied children from Central The usa searching to sinister the border in 2014. Cecilia Muñoz, director of the Obama administration’s Domestic Coverage Council, told the Modern York Times this month that a multi-company crew changed into taking into consideration “every that that you would possibly maybe mediate conception” on the time, together with holding aside families. “I enact consider taking a stare at one every other treasure, ‘We’re no longer going to enact this, are we?’ We spent 5 minutes thinking it thru and concluded that it changed into a unfriendly conception,” the Times quoted Muñoz asserting. “The morality of it changed into clear — that’s no longer who we’re.”

Brown told us that while the Obama administration “did separate some families,” it also tried to detain families together. In 2016, a courtroom ruling restricted how lengthy children with their fogeys will likely be in family detention products and companies. That ruling confirmed that a 1997 settlement utilized to both unaccompanied and accompanied minors, as we’ve explained ahead of

“At that time,” Brown mentioned, “family detention dwindled and most families had been launched into the US, either on their hold with a stare to appear or under That you would possibly maybe mediate picks to Detention, that can be an ankle bracelet or a supervised monitoring provision where they’d to signal in with ICE generally till their immigration courtroom listening to.”

On June 20, President Donald Trump signed an executive reveal directing Nielsen to opt families in custody together “all the scheme thru the pendency of any criminal depraved entry or immigration courtroom cases though-provoking their participants” at least “to the extent accepted by law and field to the provision of appropriations.”

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