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r/WhitePeopleTwitter – It’s a waffle home ❤️

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Waffle Residence changed into my first job, worked there for seven years. I mutter most tales I believe are positively no longer as healthful as this.

A community of bikers showed up at three:00 a.m., inebriated, having factual left the bar. They were treating WH enjoy a bar, walking in all locations, no longer staying sat, confusing the waitresses on who ordered what, harassing the put together dinner so that you can add things they didn’t bellow or intend to pay for, then getting offended trigger they “didn’t accumulate what they ordered.” Some handed out on the table. Then they dragged the jukebox out the door, played tune, danced and drank in the automobile automobile parking field. Not one employee talked about shit about it.

Saw a inebriated girl assault yet any other inebriated girl with a plate stuffed with breakfast. Meals went in all locations, alongside with upside that girl’s head.

Saw a man smoking crack as informal as one would smoke a cigarette, factual out in the initiate.

Must you dont know, WH has a barstool field the put which that you can seemingly accumulate a free point to staring at the cooks put together dinner your meals. Neatly, one time seen a cop clothesline this inebriated idiot off the barstool to the bottom so tense I felt it in my feet. It’s enjoy a three/four drop. I had to mop up the dudes blood. I’ve considered so many workers and prospects accumulate arrested there.

Had a put together dinner as soon as that pissed in two bins of hashbrowns trigger he changed into offended his night crew were all sad folks.

I could paddle on and on. Nonetheless it undoubtedly has the most delicious shiftiest meals ever. I serene love WH.

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