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Blind climber leads ascent up a 450ft sea stack

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A British paraclimber has spoken about leading an ascent on an iconic sea stack off the Scottish flit.

The 450ft Worn Man of Hoy in Orkney has been scaled by blind other folks in the previous, but Jesse Dufton is considered the major blind climber to lead an ascent.

The climber, from Loughborough, used to be born with approximately 20% of central imaginative and prescient, with mountainous blind spots, but his perceive has since deteriorated.

“When climbing, severely when I’m leading, when I’m the one going up first, it be me up to flee, me atmosphere the stride, taking the total choices, being to blame for no longer most productive my safety but the safety of climbing partner,” he mentioned.

“I mediate that is moderately a refreshing component to fetch that ownership and accountability.”

Video journalist: Harris Millar

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