Product updates in preserving along with your feedback

Product updates in preserving along with your feedback

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Zach Koch

Chrome Product Supervisor

Printed Sep 26, 2018

We just lately made a trade to simplify the blueprint Chrome handles mark-in. Now, whenever you mark into any Google net predicament, you’re also signed into Chrome with the identical story. You’ll keep a query to your Google Myth image moral in the Chrome UI, so it’s possible you’ll perhaps with out problems keep a query to your mark-in keep of residing. Even as you mark out, either without prolong from Chrome or from any Google net predicament, you’re completely signed out of your Google Myth.

Chrome register .png

We favor to be decided that this trade to mark-in does no longer mean Chrome sync gets became on. Customers who favor knowledge fancy their hunting history, passwords, and bookmarks on hand on utterly different units must desire extra hurry, similar to turning on sync.

The unique UI reminds users which Google Myth is signed in. Importantly, this allows us to better assist users who half a single tool (shall we bid, a household computer). Over the years, we’ve obtained feedback from users on shared units that they were at a loss for phrases about Chrome’s mark-in direct. We predict these UI adjustments assist conclude users from inadvertently performing searches or navigating to net sites that would possibly also be saved to a helpful person’s synced story.

We’ve heard—and love—your feedback. We’re going to diagram a pair of updates in the subsequent liberate of Chrome (Model 70, released mid-October) to better focus on our adjustments and offer extra regulate over the experience.

  • Whereas we predict mark-in consistency also can assist many of our users, we’re adding a regulate that allows users to flip off linking net-primarily based mostly mark-in with browser-primarily based mostly mark-in—that blueprint users enjoy extra regulate over their experience. For users that disable this characteristic, signing real into a Google net predicament is never any longer going to mark them into Chrome.

Chrome settings.png

  • We’re updating our United states of americato better focus on a person’s sync direct. We favor to be clearer about your mark-in direct and whether or no longer or no longer you’re syncing knowledge to your Google Myth.

Chrome UI.png

  • We’re also going to trade the blueprint we handle the clearing of auth cookies. In the present version of Chrome, we abet the Google auth cookies to will mean it’s possible you’ll perhaps keep signed in after cookies are cleared. We can trade this habits that so all cookies are deleted and it’s possible you’ll also be signed out.

We deeply love all the passionate users who enjoy engaged with us on this. Chrome is a various, worldwide neighborhood, and we’re fortunate to enjoy users who care as noteworthy as you impact. Wait on the feedback coming.

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