Videos “Avengers: War of Infinity” filtered SDCC 2017 pose tough questions for fans

Videos “Avengers: War of Infinity” filtered SDCC 2017 pose tough questions for fans

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San Diego Comic-Con 2017 was an exciting weekend for Marvel fans, resulting in the Marvel Studios grandstand, Hall H Saturday night. The House of Ideas has revealed a key cast for the Ant Man and the Wasp, made his debut with a new trailer notable for Thor: Ragnarok, showed exclusive images of Black Panther and happy news fans on Captain Marvel 2019. Marvel when Was ready to show sequences Avengers: Infinity war, fans were already excited not to believe.

There is a sense in which this sequence of infinite war was nothing new; Marvel had already made his debut at Expo D23 in Anaheim, just a week earlier # SDCC2017. However, he gave fans in San Diego the opportunity to see the summary by themselves, and by all accounts, it was absolutely beautiful.

But there is a trap. Following the #Marvel Studios panel, record wire recordings are transferred. While Marvel has asked guests not to film, some fans were clearly unable to resist the temptation, and of course, safety Marvel absent the mobile.

This is not just a harmless problem

Turn your eyes to 2015, SDCC has faced a real problem with the images released. Almost all H-Room images were carried out online in one form or another, and Warner Bros. was even forced to reveal the suicide trailer squad while the film was still in early production, making the film’s first experience In the film was not poor quality images. A similar fate was also attributed to SDCC Deadpool Fox sequences, from the same year, which was online before the weekend.

Only three studies had signs this year in San Diego.

The result? Last year, Fox managed to leave the SDCC. This year, his left panel followers surprised X-Men; It focused only on the upcoming Kingsman movie and has completely omitted the flourishing of the X-Men franchise. Fans who expected provocative Deadpool 2, New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix were doomed to disappointment. In fact, only three major studios had signs in San Diego this year.

It is easy to see why so many studies have decided to withdraw from this year. From a marketing standpoint, the San Diego escapes are a nightmare. In 2015, Fox’s producer, Hutch Parker, gave us an idea of ​​why leakage is a problem:

“I would say that this should not be revealed.This really excites a core.From the point of view of marketing, what they want is to share it with the most demanding eyes that exist for this team.the most important discussion of the group and probably More intense than we had ever known. ”

To the extent that we can lose the pain of being excluded, the fact is that this film is incomplete and SDCC is not just ready for the general public. The studios want to see how this group of fans “core” of this SDCC reacts to the images, to evaluate their success and to identify ways to improve it. As Parker explains in 2015:

“[Show images] is something that people are worried about, but hopefully.” We make a movie and want to believe it’s going to be great. “” Reality is not everything. “” But you have to believe. “We want to be embraced and ideally embraced. They are even known to have succeeded. ”

In a nutshell, the filtered images lose their impact. The study sincerely wants the images to be exceptional ten months before the release of a movie? This is particularly the case with Marvel, who has two other films before the War of Infinity, and we really want our attention focused on those at the moment. With three Marvel films playing every year, there is already a risk that the trailers were not the impact of the studio. Marvel marketing team carefully planned footage trailers and images throughout the year to ensure that each film gets the same pace as possible; That is why we should not expect a trailer Infinite War until the release of Thor: Ragnarok late this year.

Avengers: War of Infinity Watch Now

All this means that leaks are not just something that should be accepted; They are a problem. On the one hand, they can say that studies are facing a public reaction to unfinished content, with special effects that are not ready for high quality digital distribution and unfinished CGI. Distributed online and seen in high quality digital cameras, the weaknesses of this unfinished material would be evident in a way that they are not in room H. The reactions would be out of control. That is why Joe Russo explained that the images of the Infinity war would only be released when it was “quite right”. He added:

“We take our time and work on the images because, as you can imagine, the levels of visual effects in these movies are unprecedented and there are some things in these images at Comic-Con that work specifically for The public Comic-Con. But when we go to a large audience, we have to make sure the images work for a wide audience. ”

Meanwhile, studies face these leaks with real nervousness. After all, completely disrupt the carefully constructed marketing calendars. At that time, the risk incurred by Marvel not that the Infinity war was insufficient; Hype is the war Infinity could drown everything they are trying to do. The new trailer of Thor: Ragnarok was immediately picked up by fans of social networks seeking proof of soul stone, eager to see how the film will continue the accumulation of Infinity war. The two upcoming Marvel movies exist in the shadow of the Infinity War, and Marvel’s marketing department carefully manages the bass drum to ensure that Infinity War completely eclipses.

Marvel facing the risk is that the media hype of “Infinity War” could drown everything they are trying to do.

So here’s what fans should decide: Do we want San Diego Comic-Con next year is the huge success of this year? Do we want to see more studies following Marvel, revealing exclusive images and giving fans an overview of what’s going on? Do we want more studies to get back to San Diego? There’s only one way to get that.

Seeing no leaks or shares.

Avengers War of Infinity:

I am very excited to play this game and m heartly waiting for its launch.

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