Step-by-step guide to setting up Google AMP for wordpress: PROS and CONS

Step-by-step guide to setting up Google AMP for wordpress: PROS and CONS

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Step-by-step guide to setting up Google AMP for wordpress: PROS and CONS Whenever need an Advize, visit BlogAdvize ? 

This is part -1 of the article. Here we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Google AMP before installing it. If you already know everything about Google AMP, go to Part 2: Step by step installation of Google AMP in wordpress {coming soon}

Google AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a way to load pages from your website faster on mobile devices. This can improve your user experience and can also help better rank your site on Google according to many experts. In this article I will tell you how you can set up Google AMP on your wordpress website with PROS and Google AMP CONS. You should read CONS before installing Google AMP.

What is Google AMP?

Google AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages. It is an open source initiative supported by technology companies such as Google and Twitter. The goal of the project is to make web content faster for mobile users.

This would improve the user experience and also lead to more traffic on your blog. Accelerated Mobile Pages uses limited html and javascript and stores the website cache in Google AMP Cache, which means that your messages are stored on Google’s servers. This allows Google to retrieve your articles directly from your server. This means that if I am now looking for your blog and using AMP, then if I click on the link in the search result that appears in google as AMP, it will load the element of your cache and it will be displayed.

PROS and CONS of Google AMP:


#1 Higher Ranking

Google AMP improves the speed of your websites, just like your Google ranking. Google’s second mobile update was launched in May 2016 and Gary Ilyes recently announced that a new mobile (and primary) index would be launched soon.

This means that Google AMP pages should benefit from continuous ranking enhancement.

#2 Higher clickthrough rates

Wired apparently experienced a 25% increase in clickthrough rates (CTR) for mobile search results, with a click-through rate in AMP ads up 63%. This shows that clickthrough rates may also increase.

#3 Improve in Ad Viewability

AMP pages improve ad visibility because the design is very simple and according to a DoubleClick survey of 150 publishers in 2016, more than 80% have higher visibility rates in ads on AMP pages than in others.

#4 Traffic is Growing

Those who have implemented Google AMP have seen a lot increase traffic. This is likely to be linked to the increase of Google’s AMP pages along with more educated users.

#5 More returning Visitors

As the speed of the page is high and contains only useful content, users are more interested in visiting your website.

#6 Special place in google search

This can certainly help you get more traffic as it will now be visible in a dedicated section that Google has for AMP-compatible websites.

Google pays Apple $ 3 billion to be the default search engine on the iPhone.


#1 Can’t show Widgets

You can not show your widgets and sidebars in Google AMP pages.

#2 No newsletter opt-in forms

You also can not show or give the option to your users to subscribe to your newsletter.

#3 No pop-up

You can not show popup of any kind.

#4 No dynamic scripts

AMP uses a limited set of HTML, JavaScript and CSS. This means that you can not add some widgets and features to your mobile AMP website. This limits your ability to add smart optins forms, Facebook-like boxes, and other dynamic scripts.

#5 Analytics

AMP pages only support Google Analytics, and you may not be able to use any other tools to analyze AMP page traffic.

These are all the advantages and disadvantages of using Google AMP for your blog. Consider these disadvantages before moving on to Google AMP.

To learn how to integrate Google AMP into your blog: Click here to read this step by step tutorial Google AMP for wordpress: Part 2 – COMING SOON

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