Boris Johnson accuses Remainers of a disastrous ‘betrayal’ in searching to shut Brexit

Boris Johnson accuses Remainers of a disastrous ‘betrayal’ in searching to shut Brexit

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Boris Johnson


  • Boris Johnson accuses anti-Brexit supporters of making a “disastrous mistake”.
  • The International Secretary says those searching to shut Brexit are growing a “betrayal” of the referendum vote.
  • He says Remainers are turning into “ever more particular” to shut Brexit
  • On the different hand, Johnson concedes that “many” Remain supporters salvage “fine” targets.
  • MPs from across the Dwelling of Commons criticise Johnson’s speech for lacking substance and negative Britain’s world image.

LONDON — Boris Johnson recently accused Remain campaigners of making a “disastrous mistake” to salvage a examine out and close Brexit, saying that they risked growing “everlasting and ineradicable feelings of betrayal” amongst members who voted to depart the EU.

In a significant speech on the Coverage Alternate deem tank in London, Johnson accused politicians, such because the Conservative MP Anna Soubry, of making an are attempting to “frustrate” Brexit.

“I fear that some members are turning into ever more particular to shut Brexit, to reverse the referendum vote of June 23 2016, and to frustrate the need of the members,” he said.

“I imagine that will likely be a disastrous mistake that will result in everlasting and ineradicable feelings of betrayal. We is now not going to and is now not going to let it happen.”

He said a second vote on Brexit could well be vastly negative to the nation.

“I tell to my Remainer company. More members voted for Brexit than anything in the history of this nation. I tell in candour, if there become as soon as one other vote, it might actually well well be one other 12 months of turmoil and wrangling in which the nation could well be the loser,” he said.

Johnson denied being a “reactionary Farageist” on the different hand and old his speech to “recognise that feeling of disaster and alienation” amongst Remain supporters, saying that Brexit become as soon as a aim for “hope” now not “fear”.

“I recognise that feeling of disaster and alienation because I’ve heard it so on the total from company, household, and members hurling abuse at me on the road,” he said.

“But if we are to protect this mission by to nationwide success – as we must – then we must also attain out to members who quiet salvage anxieties,” he added.

“I must evaluation out recently to anatomise no now not as a lot as just a few of those fears and to indicate to the bid of my capability that they’re fraudulent, and that the very opposite is in overall accurate: that Brexit is now not grounds for fear but hope.”

In a partial are attempting and attain out to Remain supporters, the International Secretary conceded that “many” Remainers are motivated by “fine sentiments”.

“Is that this the time now for the referendum winners to brag? Must we relax out and quiet self-pleasure? I plot now not deem we could well quiet. It be now not pleasing sufficient now for us to enlighten to Remainers ‘gather over it, you lost’.”

“Because we must bag that many are actuated by totally fine sentiments, a trusty sense of team spirit with our European neighbours and a desire for the UK to succeed,” he said.

Johnson known as on Would maybe perhaps also honest to put in force stricter immigration guidelines after Brexit and close the float of “low expert, low wage” workers from the EU.

Writing in the Sun upfront of his speech Johnson claimed that EU membership had led to the wages of “indigenous” British members to being suppressed.

“We also must put a evaluation to ourselves some tough questions relating to the impact of Twenty years of uncontrolled immigration by low-expert, low-wage workers — and what many look because the resultant suppression of wages and failure to make investments nicely in the abilities of indigenous kids,” he wrote.

On the different hand, he denied that Britain would change into “insular” after Brexit.

“It be now not about shutting ourselves off. or now not it’s about going world.” he said.

“It’s now not a V signal from the cliffs of Dover, it’s the expression of a genuine and natural desire for self-govt…that is totally now not some reactionary Faragist opinion.”

Johnson’s feedback were described by anti-Brexit campaigners as “hypocrisy of the finest tell.”

“He has as a lot as now failed to indicate why he is campaigning in Cupboard to come to a decision on out the U.K. out of the customs union when there might be no such thing as a other resolution to the Irish border enviornment and this could well jeopardize the Correct Friday Agreement settlement,” Labour MP and Originate Britain campaigner Chuka Umunna said.

“He has failed to indicate why the Authorities has failed to commence negotiating new change deals when the campaign he led promised we would enact so today after the Leave vote.”

“Boris Johnson wants to attain reduction neat and concede that we can’t salvage our cake and relish it when leaving the EU. His speech is on Valentine’s Day, now not April Idiot’s Day.”

The foreign secretary’s speech is the significant of five main Brexit speeches by senior members of Would maybe perhaps also honest’s govt. The highest minister is anticipated to raise her hang speech in Munich on Saturday.

“Waffly, bumbling, empty”

Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston criticised Johnson’s speech in a series of tweets posted on Wednesday afternoon.

The MP for Totnes accused the foreign secretary of ignoring the functional challenges posed by Brexit and negative Britain’s world image. She also entreated the drop its “relentless optimism bias” and plot a “extreme speech” about the plan it intends to solve concerns posed by leaving the EU, such warding off a tough Irish border.

Conservative MP Soubry, who is with out a doubt one of Parliament’s finest critics of the govt.s Brexit plan, said Johnson’s speech showed he has failed “to secure the very trusty concerns” of British change.

Soubry claimed Johnson and other Brexiteers were “now not factual Conservatives” in an interview with BBC Newsnight final week.

Labour MP Yvette Cooper described the foreign secretary’s speech as “waffly, bumbling, empty” in a tweet posted rapidly afterwards.

Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission President, rejected Johnson’s philosophize that EU leaders desired to gather a European “superstate” as “total nonsense.”

Talking in Brussels following the foreign secretary’s speech, Juncker said: “Some in the British political society are against the very fact, pretending that I’m silly, stubborn federalist.

“I’m strictly against a European superstate and constantly were. I enact now not realize why some members inform on saying in every other case.”

He added: “We’re now not the USA of The united states, we are the EU. The EU can’t built against its countries.”

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