Apple’s ‘App of the Day’ increases downloads by 1747%, games by 792%

Apple’s ‘App of the Day’ increases downloads by 1747%, games by 792%

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apple-app-store-iosA new Apptopia study, released today, looks at the impact of the app or game of the day on the new iOS app store. This data is still quite early because the renewed App Store has only reached the public with the launch of iOS 11 in September. Unsurprisingly, the report finds that the clash of one of these points can lead to a sharp increase in sales of applications, some days are better than others.

On average, applications enjoyed a 1747% increase in the download if they did, and games experienced a 792% increase.

Remember, the daily function called “App of the Day” and “Game of the Day” came to the iOS App Store in redesigned iOS 11 under Apple’s new editorial strategy to improve app detection. Instead of offering only application collections and hit lists, the new App Store features articles on apps, interviews with creators, organized lists, guides and more.

Apple’s main goal with the redesign of the App Store is to facilitate the search for applications and increase downloads for application developers, including, theoretically, newcomers who do not have the necessary marketing resources to promote their applications. other strategies for acquiring cash-intensive users.

With “App of the Day” and “Game of the Day,” Apple’s editorial team selects two iOS apps to recommend to users.

However, these applications have not always been released recently or independently, but this may be the case, such as when Apple suggested the recently released photo editor Enlight Quickshot, for example. But they are often well-received apps or games, or those that should be punctuated, such as when Apple introduced the CW streaming application just in time for the first of fall.

Apptopia’s chief operating officer, Jonathan Kay, criticized Apple’s selection, noting that many of the recommendations came not from small developers, but from big brands that do not need additional promotion. For example, Apple introduced Starbucks, television applications The CW, NBC and CBS, from EA The Simpsons: Pierced and NBA 2k18, Microsoft Minecraft, Deer Hunter 2017 Glu Mobile, among others.

In addition, it notes that at least half of the outstanding applications earned $ 10,000 or more per day, which means that Apple also filled its own chests with these applications, thanks to its integrated application and sales of purchases.

This is normal, but daily functionality is not necessarily focused on promoting new or small developers, but rather on suggesting the essential applications that Apple knows are popular and proven. Meanwhile, smaller developers often get together in new Apple collections and daily listings, which will likely increase their downloads at least a bit.

In addition, some developers are featured in the articles are smaller – literally – like Donovan Romero-Brathwaite, 13, creator Gunman Taco Truck, who was recently interviewed for an article in the App Store.

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Anyway, getting the spotlight is a big boost for developers, if you get a chance to get the job done.

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Apptopia claims to have studied 30-day applications and feature sets and found that on average, applications have seen their downloads increase by 1.747%, while games have enjoyed a 792% increase.

We must keep in mind that viewing the downloads the day before and after highlighting, as Apptopia does here, may not show a complete picture of the lasting impact of being highlighted.

After all, you can still scroll down to see past suggestions of “Applying the Day”, and this could introduce an artificial bias. For example, if an application tends to be the most downloaded on Saturday, but blocks focus on a Sunday, it may receive a lower download than if it were compared to a slower download day.

Even so, the data provides a window on the power of the selected position.


Weekdays have seen more downloads than weekends, which seems a little strange, as users would apparently have more downtime to explore the App Store when they are not at work. But in the case of applications, the increase in downloads during the week was 2.172% against 580% at the weekend. For games, one day of the week, downloads increased by 860%, against 622% at the weekend.

app-of-day-screenshotThe rapid increase in downloads has also affected the ranking of apps. Apptopia discovered that 19 applications went from non-general to ranked in general graphics. This means that some of them have jumped more than 1000 rank points because of their introduction. If the applications were already ranked in the overall image, the range jump was 137 points, on average.

Overall, ranked games increased by 321 points on average thanks to the presentation. (Only 10 unclassified general games have been selected for the match of the day, so far).

The impacts of getting the state of the day application are not so visible if the application is already known. For example, when Starbucks was the app of the day, Apptopia estimates that it received only a handful of downloads. After all, almost everyone knows that Starbucks has an app, and those who want it probably have it already on their phone.

This trend to fewer downloads is developed among the main applications that Apple has presented. For example, those who were already the top 20 apps in their class before having the day’s app only increased downloads by an average of 44%. For the best 20 games, it was 37%.

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