The 6 best features of Android Oreo 8.0 that you should know

The 6 best features of Android Oreo 8.0 that you should know

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Android 8 Oreo is Google’s newest and slickest operating system. The latest operating system comes with tons of subtle changes that enhance the user experience. So the question is how to install Android Oreo? While OTA updates will take time to transfer to different mobile devices, most Google devices (Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5x) already have the latest version of Google. About 0.2% of Android devices have an oso of 8 bones while marshmallow still dominates with 32% followed by nougat 17.8%.

android oreoAndroid Oreo has a clean interface with a familiar hardware design. Like all Android updates, the security patch has been improved and most changes are in the background and in the underlying interface. Google Play Protection comes with the OREO update that analyzes your new and old malware applications. Google claims that the new operating system has twice the boot speed. The background app has the time to save the battery and the new emoji enhance the experience. We have compiled the 6 best features of Android here.

1. Customize the lock screen

You do not need to browse your mobile because Android apps can now be started directly from the home screen in Android. Just slide your finger and you are on the road, set the right and left shortcuts correctly. For example, Google Chrome and photos are accessible directly from the lock screen.


2. Suggestion of highlighted text

AI is better than ever on the Android device the most impressive features is the ability of the operating system to detect the highlighted text and suggest appropriate action. For example, for a phone number, a bookmark application, and an address, a Google map application will be suggested.

highlighting-text-Android Oreo

3. Changes in the notification panel

The notifications panel is cleaner and the functionality has increased. There are two notable changes in the notifications panel in Android Android 8.0. The first is the animation of the notifications panel. Application icons are represented in the scroll bar

The other function can be accessed by moving a notification only halfway and pressing the configuration button to postpone the notification for a later date. This setting will be useful if you are busy and can not respond to an instant notification.

half-sipe-small-Android Oreosnooze-choice-Android-Oreo

4. Image to Feature Picture Image to Android Image

Picture-in-Picture functions allow you to operate two applications simultaneously. Most mobile device manufacturers have had their own implementation of this feature, but now you get Android stock-like Android TV.

5. Instant notification and application points

notificaion-dots-and-instant-appsIOS had for years the number of white notification points. Now, the notification points also open the way to Android in the color of the application. If you press a moment, the icons will also open an instant application.

6. Control Panel

Did you notice it too? yes, the setup menu was lengthening and other steps were needed to adjust the individual settings. This problem has been fixed with the new Control Panel. Similar tasks have been grouped together to help adjust adjustments. For example, the WiFi and Access Point buttons are on a single network panel and the Internet instead of buttons in the control panel.


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